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Basically this is a place for RPCers to come and plot new rps or even work on a thread rp or two for those times when they cant always get on.

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Dragon Quest II: Journey for the Six-Star Diamond~ (Recruiting Thread)

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This is a little somthing I just began working on. Basically Spikey Wikey had heard from a traveling pony that there is an ancient, mystical gemstone that shines with the colors of six. Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Critine, Sapphire, and Diamond. A gem so rare and so legendary that it had only been regarded as a myth, but our little hero will not dismiss it as one, deciding to set fourth on the trail of this great gem, who knows what adventure will await him in the farthest corners of Equestria's borders. Is it a myth? Legend? or Somthing more? If anyone can find out it's Equestria's most adorable little gemhunter, Spike!

((So yeah just my concept for an RP and I am recruiting anypony interested! I thought about adding the good ol Diamond Dogs into the mix as well if anyone wants to play em too, would make a perfect villian for a story about finding the worlds rarest diamond, so tell me what yall think, throw some suggestions, please try to be courteous, and I hope we could pick up on this here or on RPC ^^))

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I'd be interested in joining. As Sonata is religious to the extreme, I'm sure there's some significant holding he has on those gems.

I could, potentially, also play Diamond Dogs if no one else is interested.

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3Dragon Quest II: Journey for the Six-Star Diamond~ (Recruiting Thread) Empty I'd like to join. on Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:00 am

I dunno what Stable'd be good for, per se, but I think it would be fun.

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Well, I wouldnt be my usual self. But I might send Morimane on this trek.

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