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Basically this is a place for RPCers to come and plot new rps or even work on a thread rp or two for those times when they cant always get on.

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Everypony, Everypony!

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1Everypony, Everypony! Empty Everypony, Everypony! on Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:41 pm

Night Shade

Night Shade
All forums need one. This one shall be no different: A meet n' greet thread. The premise is simple: Make a post here, introduce yourself, perhaps also introduce your pony. Tell us something about you, and we can better get to know everybody who frequents the room, and what they might be up to when they aren't. I know I only know a couple of the regulars, and I imagine there are more than a few people with the same issue, so... problem must be solved!

Call me Mally. I've been RPing for fucking ever, and Shade is yet another of my characters, and my only pony OC. She is not, however, the only MLP I play: On my tumblr I play a humanized Dash. I also do Pokemon, smut, Homestuck, Ace Attorney, and assorted other RP, on RPC, RPH, Tumblr, and messenger.

Currently I am a student, working on turning my psych degree into a bachelor's, then likely a master's from there. I'm also working on picking up a few unrelated AS's in the meantime.

I am a voracious reader, a collector of games and music, and a former DJ. Luna is best pony, and Spike is best main character pony. Anyone who argues otherwise is foolish and silly, and I will laugh and pat you on the head in a condescending manner.

In addition to my constant reading, I also am a proofreader. So if you are a writer, and wish to have a story assessed, feel free to poke me; I don't bite TOO hard.

I am a blatant attention whore, which is part of why I spend so much time in the room OOC, because Shade can't make the snarky comments and jokes and such that I can.

Night Shade is actually the hardest character I've ever played, because she is a prime example of playing against type, in pretty much every way. Her lack of confidence is not something I can identify with, and her introversion is decidedly different from my own. I've tried not to make her a Mary-Sue or a Fluttershy Expy, but am unsure as to what success I've had in either regard.

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Apple Family Member
Apple Family Member
I am Artemus. I am a (somewhat accomplished) musician who holds a special past time for writing. I've been active in the world of roleplay for nearly fourteen years, and I've not quite found a better way to absorb time.

The way I make OC's is pretty simple. I have a staple personality, a staple appearance, and a staple name. For the most part, I randomly grab those staples from previous characters, and see what new things I can have.

This rendition of Sonata takes after my spiritual side. He is my thoughts on faith taken to a rather large extreme. Other than that and his musicianship, he takes no further qualities from his player.

A good example on the 'staple' idea would be the Sonata in the Fallout Equestria RP. He has none of the ideas of Faith, but instead draws from my public 'personality'. Growing up, I excelled in Drama and Speech, giving me a charismatic edge during presentations. Sonata in the FO:E universe shares that, but otherwise holds no other discernible qualities.

So more about me, the player. I currently sing and play music for a few churches, and spend the rest of my time either with you guys, or making music to upload on my Soundcloud.

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Alright then.

Well, I'm Cypress/Cheyenne. Why two names? My main name for the internet is Cypress (Youtube for example.) but ofc that isn't my real name. I'm 13 and have been Roleplaying for awhile. Sometimes with friends and on Chatango, a talk/RP website. My friend Kun/Promontory Showed me RPC. I started up as "Bernkastel". and after a LONG TIME of boredom, I started up Mist Chaser. She wen't nowhere. So I deleted her. Then I started up Cloud Kicker. She had a few moments but wasn't all that used. Then came Penumbra, my Changeling, who I don't really use anymore, either.

This' where the change happened, I started up Pinkamena after I watched a video about Cupcakes and "Party Of One." She was somewhat of a hit and I enjoy'd playing her. I made good friends with Pinkie Pie and Carrot Top. Then suddenly, I started not wanting to be an Evil Pony but, still have her if I want. So I started Pinkmena, Who was a newer, but my favorite OC from a PewDiePie Fanfic I wrote for school. So I took a few hours to draw her as a pony and redo my HTML. She was okay to play with and was approved By Rainbow. So she's now one of my mains.

For me IRL, I'm just a middle-schooler, going to a school for retards basicly. Hell, I'm on the FRONT PAGE! THE FRONT BUCKING PAGE! (I'm the girl with Mad Hatter(New Alice and Wodnerland by Disney) Hair with red clothing, Buddy's the guy on the drums, and K2/Will on the guitars!(Blue Panel) ) So yeah, I have my friends there. Most of them are Minecraft Obsessed. My friend Buddy is Brony AND a Bro(PDP c:) So we're the best friends. The only real things I do are play PC games, talk to people, and do let's plays and stuff like that.

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Deleted Post

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Night Shade

Night Shade
Protopony wrote:
I live in California, in a fifteen square mile town called Oakdale.
Oakdale, huh? Nifty. You aren't too far from me.

Also, while I have no intention of bitching about people being too young for sites (cause I did it too when I were young), I will bitch about how ya'll are makin' me feel damn old.

Anyway, good to meet you lot.

Keep it comin', boys and girls.

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Hullo everypony, I am The Doctor, aka; DrWhooves, DiscordedWhooves, MrCompetition, or simply William. Yes, the last is my actual name. No, you may not call me Bill, Billy, Billy-Bob, etc; Yes you can call me Will.

As far as me as an actual person, I live in northern Minnesota on the shore of Lake Superior in a little tourist trap called Two Harbors. I have a habit of thinking logically first, emotionally second, so I can be a bit of an asshat as a result. I'm in my early twenties, work full time at a department store, and am trying to finish up a couple courses for my college degree.

Most of my time is spent working, and most of my free time is spent either surfing the internet, playing video games, or reading. I also run two tabletop games a week. One on Saturday evenings with my IRL friends, and one on Sunday evenings with chaps on the internet.

I started RPing when I was about 15/16 with D&D (the gateway game) and found I quite enjoyed it. Up until recently, all of my RP experience has been in the form of one tabletop game or another. I was introduced to RPC via a friend who frequents the site. Since I turned him into a brony, he thought I would be interested in the MLP room, and I believe the evidence speaks for itself.

It may come as a shock to everyone, but I'm not much of a Doctor Who fan. In fact, I haven't really watched the series until recently (Yes Twilight, I'm working on finishing the third season). I was first introduced the DrWhooves via pony jokes on the internet from various sites. Then, one day, on my youtube suggestions list, Doctor Whooves and Assistant Episode 1 appeared. Curious, I watched, or rather, listened to it and found it quite entertaining. Shortly afterwards is when I was introduced to RPC, so that is why I made the character that I did.

As I said/typed earlier, I am new to RPC. In fact, I'm new to chat sites in general. They never really interested me, so as a result I have a tendency to have short, simple posts and don't post very frequently (other than my constant Hullo's to individuals entering the room). If I have more than three sentences in a single post on the chat site, it means I'm putting an effort into it. My tabletop experience has conditioned me to be economic with my words, explaining all that needs to be said with as few words as possible so that the next person can have a turn. Obviously I don't have that issue on a forum.

As for DrWhooves, I have based him mostly upon the youtube series I mentioned earlier. I have added a few bits from other youtube DrWhooves series (I have found 3 different ones to date) and from the actual Dr Who series as I watch it. Due to my lack of Chat RP experience, please don't expect me to start up RP's very often. Usually I am short on time or simply am having a brainfart at the moment. That, and I enjoy lurking, watching what is going on with everyone else. Though if someone really wants to do a Dr Who orientated RP or feels their story could use a little more Timey Whimey, just ask and I will try to do my best.

If anyone has any other questions for me, feel free to shoot me a PM.

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Royal Guard
Royal Guard
Well. My name is Mia. I play about 8 characters in our room.
I've a kink for analyzing, disarming and imitating behaviour, which allows me to play most characters to a good extent with relative ease. I do get some funny reactions when people notice which characters I play. When it comes to me, I like to let people guess who I play, rather than telling them. My personality is complex for me to describe. I'm south american, and my main language is Spanish. That's all I think should or needs to be said.

Conflict is the foundation of motivation.
There is no happiness without sadness.
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