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Basically this is a place for RPCers to come and plot new rps or even work on a thread rp or two for those times when they cant always get on.

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Plot Arc - Sonata Allegro

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1 Plot Arc - Sonata Allegro on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:53 pm


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Apple Family Member
This is the basic outline of the plot arc I have been working on since creating Sonata Allegro in the MLP Universe we created in RPC.

Note, a lot of details have been left out for the sake of not wanting to crowd too much text


Sonata enters Ponyville via teleportation, and settles himself into the community. He states that he is there to perform a specific concert for Celestia. Upon garnering trust for somepony, he will describe his religion and how it affects the way he lives. If the somepony is interested, or a part of it somehow, he will begin to lead them across the lands searching for various artifacts that hold significance to what he explained.


The concert occurs, and one of two events happen:
  1. Either the artifacts gathered begin to react with Sonata's magic to complete a ritual not done since the times before Equestria, or
  2. Sonata's party already released The Cataclysm, allowing his physical form to roam until he hears the sound of the Canterlot Organ, attracting him to it.

So basically all hell breaks loose. Pending on the opponents involved. Sonata either becomes Corrupted by those he tries to fight back, imprisoned by either side for various reasons, or perhaps killed in action.

As I develop this further, more information will be added.

This Arc affects Cloud Chaser, Peace, Sonata, War, Fiery Cataclysm, Chrysalis, and Discord so far.

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2 Re: Plot Arc - Sonata Allegro on Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:06 pm

Night Shade

Seems interesting. I might be down.

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3 Re: Plot Arc - Sonata Allegro on Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:07 am

I'd be up for it Sonata, I mean I may have the twisted magic but I am certain it can play a part in your story. That is if you are willing to let it.

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