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Cross-Canon RP: "Dual Reality: On a Cross and Arrow (Reverse)"

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If none of you know what this means. On a Cross and Arrow was a collabaration among Brony artists using the ideas and art of D.A's Trotsworth to create a fan fic in which the mane six somehow ended up in an alternate Equestria where everypony had swapped genders (The Genderbends)

This RP is a take on that only in my idea it is the Colts who end up in THEIR Equestria, the "Real" one as it were, as they meet their opposites and learn the reasons how and why they ended up there, who or what was behind this paranormal event, and of course, how to get back.

This is a very very interesting idea for an RP and I would like to actually get it picked up, so whoever is interested I would like your posts and who's who, naturally this is to play cross-canon between Faust's Mares and Trots colts, but genderbends and ponies of both equestrias are welcome as well, but this cannot be possible without our full 12 pony roster, so this will most likely take place after the acceptance of our AJ and the appearance of Fluttershy. IDEAS?


We have begun it already with a few of our group, there is an official list of who has started the reality:
Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie

Dusk Shine
Bubble Berry
Apple Jack

((This Role Play is NOT linked to previous encounters between the Mare 6 and Stallion 6 this is a whole new meeting and whole new adventure~))

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