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Basically this is a place for RPCers to come and plot new rps or even work on a thread rp or two for those times when they cant always get on.

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A few days ago, Trixie and Fleur created 2 seapony characters. Since more people may make seaponies, these two took the bother to discuss a backstory and number racial characteristics for reference. If you create a seapony, it'll have to follow these standards. This is now room-canon. If you have any issues with any of this content, direct yourself towards me (Chrysalis), not Trixie or Fleur. Why? Because I supervised them discussing this, and I'd rather not have a bunch of people bothering them with petty claims. So, if you REALLY have a problem with something here, name it. But keep it serious. How? Make a point, confirm you have a point (Because some ponies like to argue when they clearly don't have a point at all.), gather some sort of evidence/basis for your complaint, and then show it to me. IE: "I don't like x thing, for x reason, because x wouldn't be like that, or it contradicts x factor." You get the deal. If your complaint or issue is taking to common discussion, remember: If the people who disagree with you are more than the people who agree with you, chances are that you're wrong, and they're right.

Across time, merponies or seaponies have evolved into a semi-isolated culture, given domains over seas and oceans, just like the rest of the ponies gained domain over sky and land. They flourished into an underwater Utopia, though years of incidents involving ponies capturing seaponies for their wish-making capabilities, mixed with legends regarding the landwellers, have earnt the merponies' distrust and fear for their surface counterparts. Seaponies are forbidden from interacting with landwellers, though it happens anyway. What happens, depends on the seapony. Nice ones may help drowning explorers, or guide lost sailors back home. Less simpatic ones may drown the explorers, or make the sailors hop into the water by seducing them, or by singing. This is usually followed by dragging the unsuspecting victim to the bottom of the sea. Female merponies can seduce both male and female ponies, and male merponies can seduce female ponies only, and the occassional gay stallion. The merpony capital is Atlantis, a huge Utopia-style city. All of the underwater area of oceans and seas is called 'Oceania' by them. They're neutral to Equestria when it comes to politics, though VERY FEW ponies know of their existence, most of the Equestrian ponies consider the merponies to be myths or legends. Merponies CAN breathe out of the water, but their skin dries after a while (3-6 hours tops.), so they have to return to the water. As their skin dries, they become weaker and weaker, until they die. Seaponies have their own rulers. King Pisces and Queen Aquila, who are denominated Tritons.

Merponies are divided in four kinds.

These equal the landwelling Earth Ponies. They're hornless, all they have is their tails (without fins) and hands. They aren't built for quick movement, but they're really durable, aside of being somewhat resistant to magic. They've limited magic of their own, which is channeled through singing. A single Hippocampus singing can't do much, but a group of them use their voices to build structures out of coral. They also last longer out of the water. (Perhaps 10 hours, maximum)

These equal the magical Unicorns. They have horns, which can be used to both channel magic equal to their surface counterparts, AND as a last-resource weapon. They're not as durable as the Hippocampi, nor as fast as Capricorns, but they're more colorful most of the time, their bodies engaging in complex patterns sometimes.

The Pegasus equivalent. They have streamlined bodies built for quick movement underwater. They don't have horns, but they have extra fins on their shoulders for speed. They also have fins on their tails (Like mermaids do)

Think of these as the alicorns. There are only two. They're even bigger than the Alicorns because of their fins and big tails. They have a single horn which is rather thicker than those of the Alicorns, and much sharper. They possess magic inferior to that of the Alicorns, but this is compensated by their almost absolute control of water bodies. (They can easily cause floods, for example.) They're faster than Capricorns, more magical than Kelpies, and many times as durable as Hippocampi.

Disclaimer 1:
Only Celestia and Luna may know of the merponies' existence. Your character CAN'T CLAIM THAT HE/SHE KNOWS ABOUT THE MERPONIES' EXISTENCE, UNLESS YOUR CHARACTER ACTUALLY MET A MERPONY. If your character didn't meet a merpony, then he may "think that there's a possibility of them existing", because of legends and myths. But a character can't be "sure" of their existence, unless said character met a merpony already, and THE MOMENT HAS TO BE ROLEPLAYED. Or it won't count.

Disclaimer 2:
You want to make a Triton character? You'll need express permission from Trixie and Fleur. Why? Because it's original content that's been discussed by them, and you can't just make up the details this time.

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