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Basically this is a place for RPCers to come and plot new rps or even work on a thread rp or two for those times when they cant always get on.

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I guess I'm your first Cross-over?

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1I guess I'm your first Cross-over? Empty I guess I'm your first Cross-over? on Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:16 pm

I have been told that I am your first official cross-over pony. I don't want to be a bother to anyone but while I am here, if it is brief, I want to propose this as an RP. I am the 60,000,000,000 bit pony from the deserts of Equestria. How I got that much has been fudged, and left to rumor of the years of my life. All I know is I have this bounty and I am a wanted pony. Those of you who wish to cash in on this are more than welcome to try but I warn you, I do have the Vash the Stampedes, luck when it comes to getting out of sticky situations. Also I am a very nice pony so who knows, you may not want to turn me over. The choice falls directly on your morals. Either way I do NOT, repeat, DO NOT have a pistol since I don't think a hoof can work one. I do however have the implanted arm or "hoof" in this case as my left fore hoof. The only thing it does however is allow me a tool or something simple that helps me escape. I have to have developed something over the years to keep alive. Course it can't be used for extended periods of time. I just want to have fun and do my best to make a new first impression on all of you, since I have been told that in the past your deal with cross-overs wasn't to enjoyable. I will say this I am not here to kill any pony, nor ruin any town like the rumor says. If you want to know what I really did, I guess you will have to catch me and find out yourself.

Your friend:
Vash the Pony

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2I guess I'm your first Cross-over? Empty Re: I guess I'm your first Cross-over? on Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:58 am

I guess no Pony cares, oh well I'll still be around should anypony change their mind. Umm, I guess I will just annoy Discord, or Chrysalis...

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