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Basically this is a place for RPCers to come and plot new rps or even work on a thread rp or two for those times when they cant always get on.

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World of Magic Twists!

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1World of Magic Twists! Empty World of Magic Twists! on Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:36 am

I think Discord will like this idea, since it would involve him heavily as well as any other evil being. The story set forth will go like this if you are all wiling to play:
(Insert Evil Being's Name) finds a book that allows them to turn the magic of Equestria on its head. The sad thing is you cast one spell and you get something else. The thing is that its so powerful of a spell to twist the magic that even the Celestial Princess's are affected. This will leave the Unicorn ponies to work either without magic, or around it. It's up to the original 6 and any others to change the magic back. However there is a catch, for the spell to continue there has to be a catalyst, and that is Yin. Since his magic is twisted to a degree, I feel it would be required to set the spell into action. When he is tricked by (Insert Evil Being's Name) to read the spell and cast it, the Twisted magic of Yin flips it from affecting one pony, to all of Equestria. I know Yin doesn't have that power to the Evil one would grant it to him by either item, or their own magical talent. In order to lift the spell Yin will either have to sacrifice ever fixing his magic, or be forced to never use magic again. Course a unicorn without magic is like a Pegasus without wings. I hope you like this idea and get back to me, I feel a good RP with Good vs Evil is needed.

Thank you for you time:
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2World of Magic Twists! Empty Re: World of Magic Twists! on Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:42 am

Yin I thinks it's a lovely idea! but let's be honest... a lot of the players won't be able to participate as they aren't unicorns leaving them with limited part in the story. We are mainly earth and pegasi so it would be a little one sided for the Unicorns. Besides you've already pointed yourself and the mane 6 out as important individuals which is shaky... chances are they won't all be on, and you show up in the later hours of activity so I doubt this will get anywhere soon. who knows it might be great but first we need to find out if we could all actually schedule it. I know I'll be busy with work in the future...

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