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Shattered Skies - Equestrian Apocalypse Arc

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1Shattered Skies - Equestrian Apocalypse Arc Empty Shattered Skies - Equestrian Apocalypse Arc on Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:14 pm

The Elements of Harmony, the very essence of pony magic. Those very elements hold the balance of good and evil in check throughout all of Equestria. With their power, the royal
family of Canterlot has been able to maintain a Harmonious existence for ponies throughout generations. Laughter, Honesty, Loyalty, Generosity, Kindness, and Magic; these six moral
attributes have been associated to the Elements since their discovery long before the founding of the nation "Equestria." However, this misguided illusion hides the elements true nature.
Though only 6 of them were discovered, when harnessed together, the 6 primary elements create a 7th, more powerful element; the element of Peace. Without realizing it, pony kind has
harnessed this forgotten, seventh element and lived in harmonious prosperity, unaware that the Elements they relied on were more than they could ever imagine.

These elements, unknown in origin, were sent to Equestria and disguised in order to protect the 7th from falling into the possession of those who would want to disrupt the world as it
existed. Together, these 7 entities acted as seals against a looming terror that would haunt the shadows of the world from it's creation. A simple warning was issued, though never found by
pony kind. "Once Peace has been broken, War shall reign upon the land." And so, the citizens of the world have lived, blissfully unaware of the true power they hold in their possession.
Now the powers that be have begun to move, beginning with the appearance of War. The 7th seal has reacted, unaware of it's own purpose in the world. Now War's plan has been set in
motion and the only ones who can stop it are incapable of knowing the abilities they truly possess, at least for now. However, that would all come to change, soon. A new book appears in
Twilight's library as War leaves Ponyville, cloaked in the still of night while the town calmly rests in the chilled darkness of the fall evening.

This is the beginning of the Shattered Skies RP on RPC. While the Arc was approved by Sonata and accepted by most of the room, here's the decisions made on the rp already:

1. At the end of the Arc, Equestria will be sent back in time to before the apocalypse starts, so cannon status in the room is maintained. Any ponies that are injured, killed, or otherwise will be restored to their state before the events. Only the ponies who participate in performing the spell will be allowed to retain their memories and abilities gained during the apocalypse, at certain discretion, of course.

2. There are only a few select ways to stop War. The ideas that have surfaced so far have been that the 7 seals (Peace and the mane 6) band together to defeat War. The genderbent mane 6 DO apply should their original characters not be online, though with the rp occurring in the female equestria, the female mane 6 hold more power, and precedence over gender bends. The next idea is Peace gathers the elements of harmony herself and uses them along wit her own power to defeat War. Only the mane 6 and Peace can be the "real heroes" of this RP. OC ponies and other cannon characters will be back up, and will get a lot of glory for surviving as well, but this is meant to be a fun rp, not used for personal gain and badassery.

3. Any deaths, permanent or otherwise, will be discussed through PM before being taken into consideration. Once a pony dies, they are no longer allowed to participate physically in the RP. They can, however, narrate certain events, such as leaving behind key items in specific locations, or random events that their lives would have directly or indirectly effected.

4. Everyone is open to join in whenever they please. This rp is for fun and is only semi-cannon. Meaning, certain events MAY carry over to increase the potential of ponies after the rp is over, but the characters may not remember the events of the apocalypse.

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