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Zompony Apocalypse

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1Zompony Apocalypse Empty Zompony Apocalypse on Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:33 pm

Nightmare night is almost upon us, friends! And nothing says fear like slow, ravenous hoards of cannibalistic ponies! If you missed the room discussion, we are attempting to kick up a Zombie rp. The story is, a spell has gone wrong, yadda yadda, Gimme yer brains. As of now, here are the suggested rules;
1.) Zomponies move slowly, and are incapable of magic, as well as flight after a time.
2.) Their physical strength is increased, meaning they're all as strong as or stronger than most earth ponies.
3.) They can only be killed by removing the head, destroying the brain, or incineration.
4.) The infection is spread by bites. Nobody is immune. Anyone can die, twice. No complaining if you die- If your character isn't one who's likely to survive the apocalypse, that's all you.

Don't be afraid to allow yourself to turn- Everything will be set right in the end, as this is mostly a "For fun" rp. As of now, The players are as listed.
Black Hole Sun
Doctor Whooves
Jill Frostie
Screw Ball

The apocalypse has started! A brief synopsis if you wish to hop in. Screw Ball, in an attempt to frighten the residents of ponyville, (And in particular Whisperwing) brought some corpses from the ponyville cemetery back to life. Like most of her spells, the reanimation only lasted an hour. The bites, however...
Several anonymous ponies were bitten during the hour, and retreated to ponyville hospital or their own homes*. Kickstart and Black Hole Sun quickly realized the potency of the bites, and rushed to the hospital, to find it already under quarantine. They intend to break in, and rescue as many survivors as they can. Kickstart ordered Black Hole Sun to guard the door, before running in to save whoever he could. The first two floors were devoid of survivors, but on the third floor, he found Sham, Sir Clockwork, and Fantasy Star, and was caught up to by Screw Ball, who acted as if she had no idea how the outbreak had started.*
Meanwhile, Whisperwing, who also suffered a bite, collapsed on the street, before being carried into Jill Frostie's bar. Whisperwing died, turned, and bit Jill- Now, the two are about to begin roaming the streets, seeking fresh pony meat. They encountered Toxia, who fled fearfully from what used to be her mother. Whisperwing and Jill lost the child, and instead began heading towards town hall, where a group of survivors* seems to be holed up.

Black Hole Sun
Doctor Whooves**
Fantasy Star
Screw Ball
Screw Loose
Sir Clockwork
Haber Dashing
Jill Frostie
Swift Show

*These are all good jumping on points, and if you want to hop in, you may do so as either zombie or survivor.
** These particular ponies intend to join but have not yet been involved.

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