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PF2 (The Return of Pinkie Fry)

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1PF2 (The Return of Pinkie Fry) Empty PF2 (The Return of Pinkie Fry) on Sat Jun 30, 2012 6:09 pm

Yes...for those of you on steam who know TF2 and the very servers dedicated to ponies known as Pony Fortress 2, the news has spread like wildfire: Pyromania has arrived!

What this means is that our Team Arsonist, the Pyro, has finally been put in the spotlight with a masterpiece of a meet the team video that takes us into the mind of our flame driven friend.

That, however is not why I am posting this....for there is another that lurks within the shadows of PF2s catacombs, one who shares just as much joy and happiness while torching helpless victims to nothing but creamated ash. Yes, I am talking about the walking oven-mistress herself, PINKIE FRY!

Pinkie Fry, formally Pinkie Spy, was a fire crazed lunatic with a custom made Phlog in hand known as the "Crazy Bake Oven" which, along with the stock flamethrower and a sharpened volcano fragment, relentlessly cooked friend and foe alike with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. GLORIOUS FIRE!

Captain Spike contained the beast and became the controlled, focused pyro, but this is Pyromania, where fire and chaos reign, and so for this week during the update, you will see a world of Rainbows (Flames) spread amongst Pinkie's bestest friends (helpless, crying victims) as she speads love and happiness (hate and dispair) throughout all Pinkieville (The World)


PF2 (The Return of Pinkie Fry) Pinkie11

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